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A letter to the Class of '62 from Joe Abston...

Hey Everyone,


What a reunion!! It started off with school tours and food.  Thanks to David and Carol Collins and the Principal of RBMS.   It was so great to see everyone.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Thank you to all that helped to make this wonderful night happen.   Isn't the memory book fantastic?   Thank you, Tobie, Diane, and Larry.    The Directory made by Judye and Beverly is unbelievable.  If you didn't get your copy, let me know asap.   Thank you to the cast of our Rock 'n Roll evening ending with Elvis in the building.  If you didn't see it, Mrs. Blanchard was serenaded and even danced with Elvis.  What a hoot. Many thanks to Gay and Turner for allowing us to use Camp Dixie.  Thanks to Carolyn, Connie, and Ann for the appetizers.  Thank you Wade for the "spirits" you brought.  I especially want to thank David Z. for the prune juice.  George was always working and Johnny, too.   They made clean up so much easier. Special thanks go to Lawrence, James, Linda Gail, Carolyn, David Z. and many more. To all who helped clean up the place a BIG THANK YOU !!! None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our contact committee.  You found 95% of our classmates.  AMAZING !! 


The auction brought in $1000 for Nash.  I can't say thank you enough for all your efforts and love shown this family.   The trust fund will remain open as long as it is needed so if at some point you'd like to contribute again, please do. 


We need to nominate people for the RBHS hall of fame.   These are people who are successful in their own way and would be an inspiration to the students at RBHS.  Each year a very moving ceremony is held to induct new members.  Our class is represented by Judye McCalman.  Other honorees you might recognize are:  Hans Bingham,  Diane Grob, Sheila Freeland, and Mr. Butler, just to name a few.  Think of a classmate whose story would inspire students.   The deadline is Friday, so send me an email with the persons name and qualifications for H.O.F.  (  I'm expecting a lot of email because we have great people in our class.


Again, to everyone who helped plan, produce and attend our reunion,  THANK YOU !

We missed all who couldn't attend and look forward to seeing you in 3 years.  I hope I'm awake by then.




P.S.   Did someone forget their size 15X undies?   hehehehe

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